Finding the Right Stuff & Staffing For Your Event

Finding the Right Stuff and Staffing for Your Event


Of course everyone wants to plan the perfect event. And you can’t do it alone. How do people who plan events know which vendors they can trust? Whether you are planning your vows, celebrating a milestone or raising money for charity it needs to be perfect. How do you get started staffing your perfect event dream team?

Before you start looking for vendors

Have a clear idea in your mind about what you want from your vendors and what you can spend. The best reviews won’t mean much if the vendor is not suited to your needs or is beyond what you can afford. Knowing what you truly need will keep you focused as you search for the perfect partners. Once you have that in mind, you’ll have to do some old-fashioned homework and start researching vendors that will best-suit your needs.

Make it about you and your guests

As you interview vendors you’ll find this one has the best price and that one has the most experience but that one has one bad review on Google and the other one is the one “everyone” uses. All of this information is only relevant as it relates to your needs. The very best Bar Mitzvah DJ may not be the very best choice of entertainment for your charity fundraiser. The florist you love? They might not be a good fit this time around. Put your event first and your partners should fall into place.

Ask. Ask again. And ask some more

Ask questions – lots of them. Ask for references. Ask about events similar to yours they have been involved in. Tell them what you want for your event and then ask them how they can achieve this. Ask them about their pricing. Ask about the contract. Ask if they have appropriate insurance and certifications. Ask all the “what ifs” you can think of. A good partner will want to put you at ease and will welcome your questions and do their best to gain your trust. Ask and get answers until you’re comfortable. Not sure about anything? Ask for help.

Then, listen

The conversation should center on the event and how best to meets your specific needs. Listen to your vendors are asking you, listen to their advice. Listen to what they say about other vendors and partners. Listen as they advise you as they likely have thought of things you didn’t. The best choice should become obvious after this process. And don’t be surprised if it is not the same vendor you used at your last event. Your needs may have changed and what was once a good fit may not be this time around.

Pro tip: Once you’ve found and booked one vendor you like, ask them who they recommend. Ask them for access to their network (like and insider!) and you might find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. And having vendors that know each other and have worked well together in the past can make for a smoother event all around.

Need some help? We know lots of great vendors and we’d love to join in the fun.