Avant-Garde specializes in event venue management services for event venues, co-working/multi-use spaces including non-profits event spaces, performance theaters, concert halls, cultural arts centers, conference centers and hotels.

Use our expertise to help grow your venue business. Avant-Garde will work with you to strategically develop business goals for your event venue. Our event venue business plan will help you think about the big picture, develop SMART goals, and come up with a realistic roadmap to get there.

As an event company we are in a variety of different venues weekly. We understand what is happening in the event world and know how to plan and execute an event in various venues. We see the trends in design, pricing, and what is working and what is not working. We will help you understand the competition, focus on what makes your venue and event space unique.

Venue development services begin with an assessment of your venue and a customized venue development plan. We can also implement those recommendations as well as provide daily management for your event venue.

Our daily management services include management staff, venue staff, making staff recommendations, creating or revising job descriptions, salary range development, hiring and training staff (as well as re-training staff).


Services we can provide:

  • Scheduling

  • Booking

  • Client Relations

  • Marketing

  • Promotions

  • Event Coordination

  • Administrative Work

  • Venue Security

  • Maintenance Services


Venue Development




·Are you new to the event venue industry or are you seeing an overall drop in profits for your event venue?  Are you interested in seeing if changes in management can increase your revenue? Are you building a new event venue and want help understanding the best design and flow for events?  Do you have a space that has the potential for multi-purpose use, and you are considering creating a revenue generating event space?  Avant-Garde can help you understand your event venue opportunities, design ideas as well as help you through the zoning process and liquor license considerations.  Venue development and management is about more than knowing how to plan an event.  We can help you make your event venue profitable; we will help you understand how to generate business leads, ensure your staffing mix is optimized, and your event venue pricing is right for the market.  The Avant-Garde team will also assess your space for other ways to generate revenue customized for your event venue and venue development. 

Let our event venue business acumen work for you, request a quote for your event venue business plan and venue development services today by clicking below.